Past Exhibition

Sebastian Neeb: The Big Donkey Chase 


24 April - 6 June 2015

Private View: 23 April 2015, 6-9 pm

Art 15 London Gallery Night : 22 May 2015, 6-8.30pm 



Christine Park Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Neeb. In his first UK solo exhibition Neeb will continue to explore themes of manipulation, assimilation and imitation. His work comments on the freedom of the individual by exploring aspects of human perception, in relation to sociology, power and politics, and considers the tension between the individual and the collective.


Over the past few years Neeb has created a complex artistic macrocosm of paintings, sculptural objects and photographs in various styles and mediums. His artistic practice focuses on sensory details, humour and complexities, which challenge established conceptions of life. However Neeb’s work is not a criticism, it ‘opens the story to various ends’.


In the series Trophy for Outstanding Performance Over Decades Neeb creates ‘trophies’ for nonsense achievements. The artist explores how a trophy can be a means of manipulation. However the artist also considers how manipulation, and appearances, can be as authentic as ‘reality’ in contemporary society. In Trophy for Spotting the Obvious (2015) the viewer’s attention is drawn to the surface of the sculpture, however the work conceals finer details. Thus we are invited to reconsider what we see, and reevaluate the work.


In the New Leaders series Neeb considers how power is conferred, and what substantiates it. The sculpted ‘characters’ in Master hunter and his problem with the wooden Wurst (2015) and Attention Authenticus! (2013) compete for the viewers attention; indistinct, yet discernable facial features encourage the viewer to form a connection with the work. In Donkey Lessons (2015) Neeb uses slogans and the sculpture’s tactile surface to manipulate the viewer’s interaction with the sculpture. The elements of irony and entertainment in the works encourage the audience to consider how the artist uses the power of entertainment as a tool of manipulation. 


Installation Views


Press Release

Andromeda saved from Ketos
Trophy for Spotting the Obvious
Misunderstanding - before/after
Smoke is drawing in
Donkey Lesson
Third Nose Test
Attention Authenticus!
C. refuses another nose test