Moon Insoo

Born in Seoul in 1955, Moon Insoo studied sculpture at Hongik University in Seoul and made his fame after receiving the Grand Prix for the 5th Korean Art Exhibition in 1986. He has received numerous awards such as Kim Sechoong Youth Cultural Award (1993), Total Museum Awards (1992), and Special Selection at the 4th Korean Art Exhibition in 1985. He was also selected as Artist of the Year 2011 for the Artist of the Year Award in Korea in 2011.


He participated in numerous group exhibitions such as Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (1983-1991), Korean-Japan Contemporary Sculpture (1987-1992 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art and Fukuoka City Art Museum), 1945-1990: Panmunjom and Brandenburg, and Daejeon Expo - Beyond the Future (1993). Among the collections in which his works are represented are the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation, Gwacheon; Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KCAF), Seoul; Seoul Arts Center, Seoul; and Total Museum, Jangheung to name a few. He is Professor Emeritus of Suwon University in Suwon. He works and lives in Seoul.