Future Fair Holiday Market : Nick Archer - Xyza Cruz Bacani - Yikyung Kim - Vangelis Pliarides - Jenny Pockley - Mathew Tom

27 November - 18 December 2020

For the first edition of Future Fair Holiday Market, CHRISTINE PARK GALLERY  is pleased to present 10 carefully selected works by our gallery's artists characterized by different visual languages and mediums. Inspired by natural phenomena, Nick Archer's monoprints focus on the process of reflections by making use of abstract forms. Jenny Pockley's oil paintings show the majesty and unattainability of mountains and clouds. On the other hand, Vangelis Pliarides' watercolor paintings are influenced by the artist's travels and adventures around the world. His works have the power to show how surreal our human reality can be, by portraying individuals in paradoxical situations. The careful combination of symbols from both Eastern and Western art history gives life to Mathew Tom's hazy-like vision of the world, embodied in his drawings and paintings. Fighting for the recognition of global rights, Xyza Cruz Bacani's photographs raise awareness on those lives that are usually neglected and give us access to those realities that are too often forgotten. Acclaimed ceramist Yikyung Kim demonstrates that harmony can be attained through the union between the wisdom of traditional techniques and modern functionality.


To request a preview, please reach out to us at hello@christinepark.net.